Entraspan followed several different javascript frameworks as they have come and gone, or morphed into what they are today.

Sample programs had been written in both languages over time.

React was chosen over Angular based on:

  1. JSX was the cleanest integration between a higher-level programming language and html.

  2. Support for traditional server-side html with React components on the page verses having to be an Angular application.

  3. Angular had announced version 3 was in development and everything was subject to change .. indicating issues.

Since that time it has been a fairly steep learning curve not just with the language and the many extensions, but with how to manage react applications from development through deployment.

The Entraspan web-site long ago was written in php, then was handled by a Java based web application, and now is handled by a nodejs rendering server side react code that hydrates itself in the browser and makes json requests to the original web-app.

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