The data types of each field can be mapped to a correct display and behavior.

Foreign keys allow lookups to other tables to be converted to a drop-down, or if the table is too large, a link to select a new value.

Roll-based security allows each field to be read-only, editable, or possibly not visible at all.

Tables not viewable will not be shown at all, and security restrictions will not allow visibility or surreptitious modification.

Because of the generic handling of fields based on their data types and relationships, there may be other business rules that would require certain functions to only be available using a custom built interface, so the form may be restricted to administrator only access.

The cohesion editor has worked very well as a generic editing tool for any database table in the system, and it provides a consistent user-interface.

It also allows for deep-deletes in certain cases where deleting a record may require the deletion of other records because of foreign key restraints.

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